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Bob Brozman

The human personification of the word “eclectic”, Bob Brozman is unrivaled in the diversity of his musical interests and cross-cultural mastery. A musicologist & historian, musical adventurer and explorer, internationalist, slide-guitar virtuoso, and then some, Brozman does all that, and he does it well– really well. Indeed, this guy is a giant.

When National Guitar reformed in the early 1990’s I spoke to one of the owners, McGregor. He told me then, “if one guy in the whole world exemplifies the National Guitar today, it is Bob Brozman”. That’s a hefty accolade, considering that there were a few National players around. They are still around, but Brozman can teach them all a thing or two. When it comes to the slide guitar, be it lapsteel or bottleneck- be it the history of the National guitar, the mastery of diverse styles: Hawaiian kiki-kila, Hula blues, Indian, American blues, etc., nobody can touch him. Nobody knows more tunings, more styles and more techniques than Bob Brozman. He is truly a remarkable musician and musicologist, a true cultural treasure, a walking encyclopedia of the steel guitar. It does not matter which way he holds the guitar, he is a sorcerer and a supreme master.

So why is he listed in an acoustic blues forum?
He is one of the top blues slide and lapsteel players in the whole wide world; and, one of its most prolific proponents and global ambassadors. Whatever he touches will make your head spin in awe. His blues is like a well-worn woodsman’s jacket. Hitchhikers, pollen from every plant imaginable, and the rips and tears in the side that make it special, like no other, with everything it’s ever been in contact with somehow preserved.

He is at once completely traditional, yet he managed to progress, morph and evolve. It’s a brilliant and wonderfully original thing.