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Marching Through Georgia

“Eric is great at taking a well-known tune from an unexpected angle and completely reworking it…He can also pay respect to a master without losing his individuality…When it comes to guitar playing, arranging, and composing, there is no doubt about it, if they send some fingerpicking astronaut on one of those 300 year voyages that only takes ten years out of his life, he will find on his return--if he finds anything at all-- that guitarists are still listening to Eric’s music.”  – Duck Baker

“Eric has created some moments of pure magic and real transcendence on his recordings--the kind where I’m not even sure why the music hits me so deeply but it indubitably does. He has a discernible style and approach to the instrument that I really admire and respect.” – Stephen Bennett

Eric Lugosch is one of the most creative heads of the American acoustic guitar scene. Like his colleague Duck Baker – who is also one of his greatest fans – he very skillfully combines technical know-how with musical expressiveness.

Lugosch is a fellow who tinkers, who consistently seeks musical depth in his arrangements and whose artistic concept is marked by both respect of tradition as well as uncompromising originality. His spectrum of color embraces the entire range of American music, be that ragtime, blues, R&B or jazz.

The hallmark of this American fingerstylist consists of an elegant, vigorous tone and a twinkling humor while playing, that inevitably peers charmingly through his music. Lugosch, who hails from Philadelphia, chalked up his first musical experience as a singer in the "Philadelphia Boys Choir," – an experience that continues to echo in him to this day:

"I began listening to music with an ear for the orchestral. Motifs and lines are still central elements in my way of composing." At the age of twelve he started secretly practicing on his brother's guitar and delved into the pickings of Rev. Gary Davis and Mississippi John Hurt "For me, it was solo guitar right from the start", Lugosch recalls.

"I experimented a great deal, worked out lines, and was always on the lookout for the orchestral sound of the instrument." He seems to have found it, even winning the 1984 "National Fingerpicking Championship."

Eric Lugosch lives in Evanston, Illinois, where he writes, teaches and continues developing his own personal vision of fingerstyle guitar beyond all clichés.

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    Marching Through Georgia

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    Arrangements of Heirloom Classics for the Advancing Guitarist

    "The music presented here is a collection of material from my first three recordings that has stood out among my guitar students as some of their favorite pieces to learn and play. I use a variety of tunings in this presentation: Open D, Drop D, G6 and standard.

    The fiddle tune 'Colored Aristocracy', with a Professor Longhair bass line, is, according to Duck Baker, "considered a classic in picking circles". My version of Pete Seeger's 'Living in The Country' is played in a calypso-style, which I recorded with steel drums after learning of Seeger's important, but little-known advancement of Trinidadian steel drums in American music. Henry Clay Work's 'Marching Through Georgia' is an infectious Civil War standard played in open D with some contemporary harmonic twists. The traditional fiddle dance tune, 'The Eighth of January', also known as 'The Battle of New Orleans', is transformed in my version into a slow and somber ballad. Finally, I have included an old composition from the Italian violin virtuoso Aristeo Carpi called simply 'Valzer' (waltz), which is in the three-part Choro style." - Eric Lugosch

    My hope is that these pieces are challenging and enjoyable to play, and that the variety of concepts presented here will inspire you in your own playing." - Eric Lugosch

    A detailed PDF tab/music booklet of the arrangements can be found on the DVD.

    Titles include: Colored Aristocracy, Living in The Country, Marching Through Georgia, The Eighth of January

    115 minutes - Level 3 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

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