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Rick Ruskin

"... so brilliant at times that he seems to transcend normal approaches to the guitar....Ruskin may be the smoothest technical player around. Flashy, fast, inventive and musical and that isn't easy." –Guitar Player Magazine 

Rick Ruskin has earned the right to be called a “Fingerstyle Guitar Virtuoso.” His skills are legendary but the label only tells part of the story. He is also a gifted singer, arranger, and composer whose work has been featured in film and on television around the world. Rick has honed his craft so that it’s the music audiences remember and not just flashy technique.

Rick started playing guitar in 1962 and in just one year became a respected professional musician in his native Detroit, Michigan. In 1964, while still in Jr. High School, he was chosen to open the bill for the Reverend Gary Davis at Detroit's legendary Retort Coffee House. This engagement resulted in a fast and permanent friendship with the master blues, ragtime, and gospel guitarist. Rev. Davis was so taken by the young Ruskin's skill and eagerness, that he invited Rick to spend that summer with him at his Long Island home. By the end of the summer, Davis stopped teaching Rick new material and told him, "It's time you started paying attention to your own music." Ruskin has been doing that ever since.

He has also performed on a number of soundtracks for television and films, as well as worked with countless artists along the way, such as Jackie DeShannon, James Lee Stanley, Lewis Ross, Penny Nichols and Olivia Newton-John.

Rick makes his home in Seattle, Washington where he owns and operates Lion Dog Music, a 32 track recording facility from which he records and produces projects including his own.