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Building A Blues From The Ground Up

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    Building A Blues From The Ground Up

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    In this unique lesson, Pat Donohue takes a simple 12 bar blues in the key of G and shows how you can add various elements to create a distinct arrangement. Pat discusses:

    • Basic Three Chord Blues in Key of G
    • Lenny Breau's Two Note Chords
    • Walking Bass Lines & Chords
    • Chuck Berry Licks
    • Diminished Chord Licks
    • Mountain Blues Licks
    • Ending Licks
    • Putting the Pieces All Together

    There are lots of ideas and techniques in this lesson. Pat slowly and carefully teaches these concepts with the help of a split screen. This allows the student to study in detail what the left and right hands are doing. A comprehensive PDF tab/music booklet is included on the DVD.

    59 minutes - Level 2/3 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Truth in advertising: "Building a Blues from the Ground Up" is indeed a construction zone. Guitar virtuoso Pat Donohue, vouched for by fellow string dazzlers as luminary as Chet Atkins and Leo Kottke, starts by framing out a 12-bar blues (in the key of G). But then, over the course of an hour, progressively makes it sparkle all the more by rolling in a series of widely-applicable techniques to ornament this song (as well as boost dynamics of any song you play). Two-note chords a la Lenny Breau, snazzy "flop" chords, and the workhorse duo of Bill and Bob (personalized means for chord movement) become part of the lingo. All sorts of other moves-bass line routes, lightning-strike double pull-offs, assorted means for interesting string utterances-get put into play as well. And licks? Donohue spills a whole sack of them, employing everything from diminished chords to Appalachian picking to Chuck Berry. In the end, the finished piece becomes an improvising vehicle to some extent, to which you are also given the keys. Turns out there is so much tasty, versatile meat on this one snazzy blues alone that your overall playing will be nourished for a long time to come. - Dennis Rozanski/Blues Rag 



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