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Marching Through Georgia

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    Marching Through Georgia

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    Arrangements of Heirloom Classics for the Advancing Guitarist

    "The music presented here is a collection of material from my first three recordings that has stood out among my guitar students as some of their favorite pieces to learn and play. I use a variety of tunings in this presentation: Open D, Drop D, G6 and standard.

    The fiddle tune 'Colored Aristocracy', with a Professor Longhair bass line, is, according to Duck Baker, "considered a classic in picking circles". My version of Pete Seeger's 'Living in The Country' is played in a calypso-style, which I recorded with steel drums after learning of Seeger's important, but little-known advancement of Trinidadian steel drums in American music. Henry Clay Work's 'Marching Through Georgia' is an infectious Civil War standard played in open D with some contemporary harmonic twists. The traditional fiddle dance tune, 'The Eighth of January', also known as 'The Battle of New Orleans', is transformed in my version into a slow and somber ballad. Finally, I have included an old composition from the Italian violin virtuoso Aristeo Carpi called simply 'Valzer' (waltz), which is in the three-part Choro style." - Eric Lugosch

    My hope is that these pieces are challenging and enjoyable to play, and that the variety of concepts presented here will inspire you in your own playing." - Eric Lugosch

    A detailed PDF tab/music booklet of the arrangements can be found on the DVD.

    Titles include: Colored Aristocracy, Living in The Country, Marching Through Georgia, The Eighth of January

    115 minutes - Level 3 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

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