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Spirituals For Fingerstyle Guitar

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    Spirituals For Fingerstyle Guitar

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    Cory Seznec is a Franco-American musician who focuses on fingerstyle guitar and clawhammer banjo. He has released two solo albums and appears on numerous other recordings. Extensive travels, music tours with several different bands, musical encounters with amazing musicians from around the world and a passion for music history have helped him to develop his own distinct style that reflects his broad interests. After a 3.5 year stint in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Cory is now based in Paris, France.

    Some time ago Cory began delving fairly deeply into the rich repertoire that is African-American Spirituals. Listening to the jubilee singers of yore, and some of the terrific recordings by Alan Lomax of vocal groups spurred him to find old hymnals and songbooks in order to arrange tunes for the guitar. Give Me Jesus is a soulful number that ended up being somewhat inspired by the playing of John Fahey, with down tempo strumming followed by more classic alternate bass picking. Roll De Chariot has a rollicking, syncopated feel that never really stays in one place, bouncing up and down the neck à la Revered Gary Davis. Lift Every Voice and Sing, aka the Black National Anthem, has a beautiful, harmonically rich feel and the 6/8 tempo allows the guitarist a fair amount of room in which to maneuver. Also included is a spirited version of This Train, originally inspired by Big Bill Broonzy's walking bass line, an arrangement of A Closer Walk With Thee that taps into the feel of a New Orleans brass band funeral procession, and a heavily swung and syncopated take on Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey's heart-wrenching piece Precious Lord, Take My Hand.

    Titles include: Give Me Jesus, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, LIft Every Voice And Sing, Roll De Ol' Chariot Along, A Closer Walk With Thee, This Train Is Bound For Glory

    100 minutes - Level 2/3 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD


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