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Guitar of Blind Blake - 3 CD Set taught by Woody Mann

  • Guitar of Blind Blake - 3 CD Set taught by Woody Mann
    Hard Copy    $24.95  Item Number:  98507

    Taught by: Woody Mann Publisher: SGGW Audio Lessons

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    Blind Blake was the premier ragtime blues guitarist of the 1920s. His fingerpicking techniques and styles are fascinating and challenging. He explored, extended and experimented with the alternating bass style that was popular at the turn of the century so that it could encompass the current trends in rhythmic dance beats and the more complex blues ideas coming from the emerging jazz bands. His guitar playing influenced generations of country blues artists.

    Lesson One: Blind Blake recorded many slow blues in the key of C. Black Dog Blues illustrates many of the licks and ideas that Blake used. Bad Feeling Blues is played in the key of D and presents a departure from Blake’s usual phrasing patterns.

    Lesson Two: Sweet Jivin’ Mama is a blues in A, played in a quasi-open D tuning (E A D F# A D)! This unusual arrangement brings together beautiful voicings with a lyrical blues setting. Blind Blake’s most popular song for today’s audience is Diddie Wa Diddie. This fast ragtime blues in C highlights Blake’s thumb rolls.

    Lesson Three: Blind Arthur’s Breakdown is a rag in the key of C that brings together a distinct five section instrumental combining thumb rolls, hot blues licks and unusual chord structures. This arrangement is a great challenge.

    Level 3 • 24 page tab/music book with three compact discs

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