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Introduction to Chord Theory and Chord Voicing (2 DVD Set)

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    Introduction to Chord Theory and Chord Voicing (2 DVD Set)

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    In this 2-DVD set master guitarist and instructor John Miller walks you through the fundamentals of chord theory, providing you with the conceptual tools needed to understand chord structure, and then shows you how to apply that knowledge to the neck of guitar, making practical sense of the information so that you will be equipped to voice chords up and down the neck in any key.

    In Volume One of the set, John goes over the major scale and its structure, and then moves on to intervals, familiarizing you with the different interval types and the language used to define and describe them. He moves then into triads and shows how the diatonic triads are derived from scale structure, following up triads with seventh chords, the diatonic seventh chords and the various seventh chord types. As you move through these topics, you will find a variety of exercises on the PDF that is included on your DVD, exercises that will test and build your knowledge of these topics. Having laid the initial theoretical groundwork, John then shows you how to voice triads and seventh chords out of the E, A, C, D and F positions. Like chord diagrams? On the PDF accompanying the DVD you'll have the opportunity to diagram all of the chords, and you'll understand how to do it. No spoon feeding here, but rather learning by doing - the kind of learning that sticks.

    In Volume Two, John starts out by defining sixth chords and showing how to voice them, then discusses tonic function and seventh chord function. The remainder of Volume Two is devoted to working on songs, seeing how to play the same song in a variety of keys and positions and how to use the way the guitar is tuned to transpose from one key to another in the easiest possible fashion. After working through this 2-DVD set you will have a sound fundamental understanding of triad, sixth and seventh chord structures in a variety of positions, and won't be deterred from learning songs in flat keys or playing up the neck without a capo. If you are really interested in understanding chords and ready to work on developing your understanding, Introduction to Chord Theory and Chord Voicing for the Guitarist will get you well on your way towards that goal.

    Songs studied in Volume Two include: Molly Malone, Home on the Range, Autumn Leaves, Manha de Carnaval and All the Things You Are

    205 minutes - Level 3 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on each DVD

    Review: I gave this the full star rating even though it it's doubtful that I will ever have any intention of working systematically through the theory. If one didn't know John Miller's musical excellence as a guitarist through his solo and ensemble recordings going back years, as well as his excellent, meticulously presented more recent instruction DVD's, then it is probable that a first time introduction to him through - at least the first DVD in this set - would faintly bemuse and dampen enthusiasm for blues, Country blues and ragtime guitar. Therefore I would recommend initially to play the second DVD with the excellent tunes first and see where the whole package is leading too. Become excited about it and then turn to the theory step by step on the first DVD. Miller teaches in his usual kindly old world fashion - with white board and pen this time - and it faintly bemuses if one doesn't remember what an absolute ripping, versatile guitarist he is and has been. Deep musical knowledge works for him and his range and versatility of guitar performance are all the more impressive because of his musical education. The trouble he has taken to share much of it through this DVD set should benefit dedicated budding young guitarists who want to be a bit exceptional - a great deal I would think. - Ken/Amazon Customer Review




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