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Playing and Understanding Jazz Guitar

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    Playing and Understanding Jazz Guitar

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    Jazz is one of the most challenging and satisfying styles of music you can play on the guitar. This video lesson presents a very clear and thorough introduction to jazz guitar. You will study all the licks, chords, scales and theory that you will need to know to get started.

    In this lesson, Fred Sokolow shows you:

    • Chord construction and chord types, including inversions and diminished chords
    • Scalewise progressions and how to use them
    • Circle-of-fifths progressions and how to play and recognize them
    • Chord comping, chord soloing and playing single-note solos to standards like I Got Rhythm, Honeysuckle Rose and Watch What Happens
    • How to improvise solos using scales and chord-based licks
    • How to solo over II-V-I standard changes

    75 minutes - Level 2/3 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: The light comes on! I had been looking for some time for an introduction to jazz for the intermediate player who wants to play more complex material, in particular vocal accompaniment of Tin Pan Alley classics. I knew the chord shapes and positions, and have a good fingerstyle right hand technique, I just needed the key to how it fits together. Thanks to Fred, the light is coming on - circle of fifths progressions, scalewise progressions, i.e. how jazz players think.

    Fred explains everything in terms of the guitar fingerboard. Using 5th string and 6th string roots, he tracks the circle of fifths pattern on the fingerboard. Now I see what the circle of fifths is all about, and how it can make understanding chord progressions much easier. Far superior to repetitive exercises and reading tab pieces and spitting them back out, valuable info to play any tune in any key. If you are "strong right handed" this DVD will help the left catch up. - Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Great intro to jazz guitar: easy, relaxed instruction, clear explanations of scalewise chord progression, chord construction, and soloing (improvising using either single note or chord based approaches). There are some good tunes to learn and practice with good chord diagrams and tab. - Amazon Customer Review

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