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Legendary Country Blues Guitar Solos

This book was a delight and a challenge to put together. I wanted to highlight the playing of six blues players that have greatly influenced me: Big Bill Broonzy, Lonnie Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Blake, Scrapper Blackwell and Tampa Red. Each have recorded wonderful instrumental solos. I have transcribed these from the first note played to the last. These are complete transcriptions. Hopefully they will bring you insight into the playing ideas and techniques of these legendary players.

Titles and artists included are:
BIG BILL BROONZY Slow Blues, St. Louis Blues  SCRAPPER BLACKWELL A Blues, D Blues BLIND BLAKE Guitar Chimes, Blind Arthur's Breakdown  REV. GARY DAVIS Bill Bailey, Walkin' Dog Blues LONNIE JOHNSON Blues for the West End, Blues in G, Woke Up With The Blues In My Fingers TAMPA RED Things 'Bout Coming My Way

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