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Free Lessons

We offer a new free lesson every Wednesday. Make sure to sign up on the lesson download pages to get on our list!

The following is a listing of our free lessons with a link to the YouTube video for each lesson. From there you will find the link to get the free lesson download

Ari Eisinger

Black Horse Blues – taught by Ari Eisinger

Baby Lou Blues – taught by Ari Eisinger 

Buster B. Jones

Back Porch Boogie – taught by Buster B. Jones

All I Ever Need Is You – taught by Buster B. Jones

A Walk In The Park – taught by Buster B. Jones

Jiffy Jam – taught by Buster B. Jones 

White Christmas – taught by Buster B. Jones 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – taught by Buster B. Jones 

If I Only Had A Brain – taught by Buster B. Jones 

Jerry Reed's Banjo Licks / I Saw The Light – taught by Buster B. Jones 

Sitting On Top Of The World – taught by Buster B. Jones 

Chet Atkins

Maybelle – taught by Chet Atkins 

Dave Van Ronk

Green, Green Rocky Road – taught by Dave Van Ronk 

Duck Baker

Redwing – taught by Duck Baker

Farther Along – taught by Duck Baker

Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor – taught by Duck Baker 

Elsie Marley – taught by Duck Baker 

El McMeen

Jingle Belles – taught by El McMeen 

Elijah Wald

Oh How I Love Jesus – taught by Elijah Wald 

Eric Thompson

Fish in the Millpond – taught by Eric Thompson 

Shady Grove – taught by Eric Thompson 

Erin Harpe

Can I Do It For You – taught by Erin Harpe 

Ernie Hawkins

Statesboro Blues – taught by Ernie Hawkins 

Slow Blues in A – taught by Ernie Hawkins 

Guitar Shuffle – taught by Ernie Hawkins 

Lonesome Road Blues – taught by Ernie Hawkins 

Susie Of The Islands – taught by Ernie Hawkins 

I'm Goin' Sit On The Banks Of The River – taught by Ernie Hawkins

Fred Sokolow

Statesboro Blues – taught by Fred Sokolow

I've Got Rhythm – taught by Fred Sokolow 

Let The Good Times Roll – taught by Fred Sokolow

Do Re Mi – taught by Fred Sokolow 

Big River – taught by Fred Sokolow 

Friend of the Devil – taught by Fred Sokolow 

Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out – taught by Fred Sokolow 

Jody Stecher

Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line – taught by Jody Stecher 

John Fahey

Auld Lang Syne – taught by John Fahey 

John Miller

Billy Lyons & Stack O'Lee – taught by John Miller

Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie – taught by John Miller 

Police Sergeant Blues – taught by John Miller 

Have You Ever Seen Peaches – taught by John Miller 

Eagles On The Half – taught by John Miller 

Country Woman – taught by John Miller & Frank Basile 

You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley – taught by John Miller

My Baby – taught by John Miller

John Renbourn

Lord Franklin – taught by John Renbourn

Sandwood Down to Kyle – taught by John Renbourn 

Marcel Dadi

Drive In – taught by Marcel Dadi

Kicky – taught by Marcel Dadi 

Fuller's Blues – taught by Marcel Dadi

Martin Carthy

The Siege of Delhi – taught by Martin Carthy 

Pat Donohue

Stormy Weather – taught by Pat Donohue 

Pat Kirtley

I Am A Pilgrim – taught by Pat Kirtley 

Skye Boat Song – taught by Pat Kirtley 

Spanish Fandango – taught by Pat Kirtley 

Pierre Bensusan

Shi Bhig Shi Mhor – taught by Pierre Bensusan 

Rolly Brown

One For Jo – taught by Rolly Brown 

Scott Nygaard

Trouble in Mind – taught by Scott Nygaard 

Stefan Grossman

Willie Mae – taught by Stefan Grossman

You Got The Pocket Book, I Got the Key – taught by Stefan Grossman

Charley James – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Cocaine Blues – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Blues in D – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Beyond The Pleasure Dome – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Shake That Thing – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Hesitation Blues – taught by Stefan Grossman 

KC Moan – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Glory of Love – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Slow Blues in E – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Baby Please Don't Go – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Vestapol – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Wake Up Mama – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Colored Aristocracy – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Slow Blues in C – taught by Stefan Grossman 

My Black Mama – taught by Stefan Grossman 

Tom Feldmann

Do Lord Remember Me – taught by Tom Feldmann 

Death Letter Blues taught by Tom Feldmann 

34 Blues – taught by Tom Feldmann 

C.C. Rider – taught by Tom Feldmann 

Bye Bye Going To See My King – taught by Tom Feldmann 

4 O'Clock Blues – taught by Tom Feldmann 

Come On In My Kitchen – taught by Tom Feldmann 

Jesus Is On The Mainline – taught by Tom Feldmann 

Boom Boom – taught by Tom Feldmann 

Tony Keck

Careless Love - Tap Technique – taught by Tony Keck 

Tony McManus

Ye Banks and Braes – taught by Tony McManus 

The Seagull – taught by Tony McManus

Woody Mann

Black Dog Blues – taught by Woody Mann 

Saturday Night Rub – taught by Woody Mann